Professional Background

I have a Bachelor of Science in Zoology with over fifty additional semester hours in both Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science.  I have over thirty years of professional experience as both a software and database developer/administrator for many different clients and employers across many different domains.  With regards to my profession, the degree in Zoology has been a blessing in disguise as I’ve been able to apply the scientific training I received to many of the assignments of my various clients and employers.

My IT experience covers both back-end and front-end interfaces in domains such as petrochemical operations, city/county/regional governmental entities, wireless telecommunications, insurance, point-of-sale, near real-time helicopter/ship/vehicle dispatch and tracking, city/county/regional/state-level law enforcement, health care initiatives, and geographical information systems (GIS).

I have both breadth and depth: breadth from all of the various end-user interfaces and back-end databases I’ve developed over the decades, and depth from the number of years I’ve been developing them across all of the domains within which I’ve worked.  Effectively, I was able to “grow up” as the IT industry “grew up” around me.  In short, there isn’t much I haven’t seen or programmed over my three decades of experience.


2 thoughts on “Professional Background

  1. Chris

    I spend a lot of time in this database. Send me an email if you want some background information and context on what you’re looking at.

  2. Anne Daw

    Hi. I am from South Australia and head up the campaign for protection of prime agricultural land and most valuable cropping land (only 4.6% of the state. Conventional wells also flare and also share many of the same problems as fracked wells. I am the only agricultural advocate in Australia that is on the Round Table for Oil and Gas and many of the answers to my questions are not satisfactory. I looked at the map, and noticed no dots for flaring in the South East of South Australia for conventional wells.

    Kind Regards,


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